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At Gentry Flat Roofs, our team takes pride in being the most reliable and highly recommended names for roofing services in Oshawa & all around Ontario. To ensure greatest results, our team always makes the use of high-quality materials. Our well-trained and certified team members have the capability of making every roofing project a success. We always try to provide the roofing solutions that our customers are looking for. Our name is counted amongst the best for roofing solutions in the industry.

We Specialize in Metal Roofing Services:

Having metal on roofs is a key feature in quality construction designs. Whether you are in the midst of renovations or creating a new structure, picking the right material for your roof is crucial to make your construction unique. Metal roofing is made to be strong and durable while still being a staple of aesthetics in many industrial and commercial construction designs. From curved metal to standing seam panels, metal roofs use geometric shapes and lines to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and unique.

Industrial and Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is considered a modern roofing practice because it increases your property’s appeal and overall value by at the same time reducing energy consumption costs and other advantages. Metal roofing contractors make use of durable and sturdy materials to add benefits to your structure. Said benefits include:

  • Resilience & Longevity: Even when facing hail, thunderstorms and even fire, metal roofs can hold their own and resist from 30-70 years without corroding, rusting or cracking.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: Metal roofs not only protect your structure from dust and debris, but it can also aid you by reducing your carbon footprint and the costs of home heating and cooling.
  • Lightweight: Metal roofing tends to have less weight than other roofing options. With the right company handling the material, it can eliminate structural damage due to sagging.
  • Multi-Style Variations: Contrary to popular belief, metal doesn’t look dull when handled by a reliable contractor. With the use of different styles of painted metal like ceramic, slate, and wood shake to match your interiors, your property will increase its appeal tremendously.
  • Green Building Option: Metal roofs are 100% recyclable! Metal also offers a safe choice for adding on solar panels or creating a rainwater collection solution for your build. The sustainability factor of metal is often left aside when it is one of its most important benefits!
  • Low-Cost Maintenance: As we’ve mentioned, metal is an incredibly sturdy material, meaning that it requires little-to-no maintenance throughout its life. When reliable roofing companies like Gentry Flat Roof handle the installation, your money’s worth is guaranteed.

Clients choose our commercial metal roofing company because we provide strong, durable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly roofing. Our metal roofing Oshawa professionals offer high-performance services that create a long-lasting roof that does not compromise on quality that is certain to meet our customer’s needs and provide cost-effective roofing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial structures.

Benefits of Installing Metal Roofing

  • Longevity and Resilience: If you want a roof that can easily stand different weathers, metal roof is the right option. A properly maintained metal roof can last 30-70 years without corroding or cracking. In fact, it can maintain the temperature inside the house and keep it cool in summers and warm in winters.
  • Rust-Free: We use a chemical coating to make the metal roofing rust-free. With the final coating of paint, the metal roof becomes completely rust-free.
  • Availability of Various Styles: People usually think metal looks dull. This is not true. We use several paints to match the metal with your interiors. Some popular styles of painted metal are ceramic, slate and wood shake.
  • Protective Shield: Metal roofs do not just protect your house from dust and debris, it can easily with stand strong winds, hailstorm, rain, snow as well as fend off fires.
  • Low Maintenance: Thanks to the sturdy body of metal, it will not be affected by the various elements. It would also require almost no maintenance over the period of its life.

Be it a new roof installation or industrial roof repair in Oshawa, Toronto & all around Ontario; just contact us at 647 952 9555 for a free estimate today.

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We at Gentry Flat Roofs take pride in being the most reliable and highest recommended contractors for roofing services in Oshawa & surrounding area of GTA. To ensure optimal results, our team composed of highly-trained and certified members makes use of the highest quality materials in the industry to turn any metal roofing project into a success. We provide metal roof repair and replacement services that are effective, high-end and second to none.

All Gentry products and services are accompanied by warranties that are both comprehensive and long-lasting. We also offer other services such as solar roofing, flat roofing, PVC roofing, and EPDM roofing. Be sure to check them out as we offer the best products and services for your roof building needs in Oshawa, Toronto and the Ontario area!

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