Metal Roof Restoration & Replacement Services in Mississauga

What is Metal Roof Restoration

There will come a time in which your current metal roofing system will start to suffer some damage due to its age. If left unchecked, it could grow worse causing serious problems to your commercial or industrial business.

Thankfully there is a solution to this problem, which is seeking a roof restoration service from a professional metal roofing contractor.

Metal Roof Restoration involves the process of cleaning, repairing, and re-coating your metal roof system, which extends its life.

Roof Restoration vs Roof Replacement

Getting a roof restoration is a good choice to help your metal roofing system, although there is another alternative to getting a newer replacement for it.

However, you might be asking yourself, “Which option is better?”

Both options help extend the life of your metal roofing system and provide protection against the elements. However, a roof replacement is a more expensive service than roof restoration since it requires removing all parts of your old metal roof and replacing it with a brand new one.

When to Restore and When to Replace

Restoration is mainly used to restore the health of your metal roof to the way it was. On the other hand, replacing your roof is for when restoration won’t solve the problem, and an entire roof replacement is necessary.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

It is still recommended to choose restoration over replacement when possible since it has better benefits, such as:

It’s Cheaper: it costs much less and will leave your commercial or industrial building looking good as new.

It’s Less Time consuming and Less Disruptive: It´s less complicated, which means it requires less time to complete, and since it doesn´t require a lot of time, it will not interrupt your commercial or industrial business.

Provides Longer Lifespan: It’s able to extend the life of your metal roofing system and can be restored multiple times, which means it will last longer than a replacement.

It’s Environmentally Friendly: It requires fewer materials to work with, resulting in less waste making its way into landfills.

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If you are currently living in Mississauga and are thinking getting of getting a metal roof restoration you will need to find a metal roofing contractor that you can trust will perform a good job.

This is where Gentry Flat Roofs can help you!

We are a roofing contractor with 46 years of experience providing commercial and industrial roofing services in Mississauga. Our roofers have the knowledge and expertise to help provide the best roofing solutions for your current needs.

We can assure you that whether you need to repair, restore or replace your metal roof, we are the roofing contractor you can count on!

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