Metal Roof Restoration & Replacement Services in Brampton

What is Metal Roof Restoration

Having a metal roofing system in excellent condition is necessary for any commercial and industrial building since it will protect your workers and business equipment from the elements, provide adequate insulation and increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

However, over time your roof will start to show its age and suffer more and more damage as time goes on. This is why acquiring a metal roof restoration is very beneficial!

Metal roof restoration helps extend the life of your metal roofing system. Not only does this help repair it, but essentially it looks at the metal roof as a whole and upgrades it all to ensure it is good as new.

Roof Restoration vs. Roof Replacement

Even though getting a roof restoration is quite beneficial, there is another alternative to upgrading your metal roofing system, which replacing it.

The question is, “which option is the best choice for you?”

Both options at the end of the day will extend the life of your roof, provide protection against the elements and give your commercial or industrial building a fresh new look. Still, a roof replacement is a larger and more costly job than a roof restoration as it requires your old metal roof to be removed and a new one to be installed in its place.

When to Restore and When to Replace

There is a range of reasons you might be thinking about a roof restoration vs. a roof replacement, and there’s no one size fits all solution.

However, you will ideally choose replacement over restoration when your metal roof is severely damaged or is too old to fully recover with a restoration service.

Benefits of Roof Restoration

It is still recommended to choose metal roof restoration over replacement when possible since it honestly offers more benefits, such as:

It’s Cheaper: The cost of a metal roof replacement is most of the time around double or triple the price of a metal roof restoration.

It’s Quicker and Less Disruptive: A roof restoration is less complicated and simple to do that will cause minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations and give you a completely revitalized, like-new metal roof. ideal for your business.

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