Industrial Roofing in Brampton

Industrial Roofing:
Industrial roofing is completely different from its residential counterpart. The way it is installed and maintained is different because of how it is manufactured and the materials used to make it. It also goes through distinct repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance processes that are best left to professional roofers.

Industrial roofing is typically flat or low sloped and comes with additional safety features for specific industries (such as food and semi-conductor applications where dirt and dust from above can cause severe safety issues).

Some industrial buildings may incorporate skylights to deliver natural light indoors and reduce energy consumption during the day. Meticulous installation is needed for TPO, solar roof, EPDM, & PVC roofing to make sure there are no leaks or any other problems that could result in expensive repairs or replacements.

Why choose us:
Leave your roofing concerns to us. We specialize in industrial roofing products and solutions, including repair and maintenance. We install multiple kinds of roofing (TPO, solar roof, EPDM, & PVC) in different ways—fastened directly to a roof deck, welded around protrusions and chimneys, or attached with adhesives. We provide the highest quality and most reliable roofing services in Brampton.

Our work is always backed by written warranties that cover your industrial roof for up to 20 years. We also provide amazingly priced extended warranty plans that surpass expectations regarding comprehensiveness and coverage.

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