Flat Roofing in Oshawa – Roof Repair versus Replacement

Flat roof are arguably the strongest and most robust types of roofs out there but, even with the best workmanship and the best materials, problems are bound to eventually arise at one point or another. This is why it is advisable to conduct routine inspection of Flat Roofs, ideally once every year, so that any problems there are detected and dealt with in time. Once you identify a problem with the roof, you will usually have two options- to either repair the roof or to pull it down and have it replaced completely. Flat roof repair in Oshawa is the more common of the two because it is easier and does not involve spending as much money as roof replacement. In fact flat roof replacement should only be considered as an option in cases of damage due to;

  • Old Age– all roofs have a life expectancy, which is the average length of time for which they are expected to last. Once a roof has outlived this then it has embarked on a steady path of decline and any repairs that are made to damages at this stage will only be temporary stop gap measures as you wait for more problems. In such cases it makes more sense to have the entire roof replaced rather than try to repair the damages as they occur.
  • Wrong Installation– the installation stage is the most important stage in the life of a flat roof and the importance of hiring the  best roofing companies in Oshawa for this part cannot be over emphasized. If the roof is not properly installed then there will be many structural issues that will turn up down the line with each one calling for repairs. Rather than keep repairing the roof only for more problems to arise and call for even more repairs, it might be better to just pull down the roof and have a new one installed properly in its place.

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