Expert Commercial Roofing Tips for Toronto Residents

Commercial roofing in Toronto is, in many ways, very different from residential roofing and if you are planning a project that involves the latter then the first thing you need to do is steer away from roofing companies that only specialize in residential roofing and who have no prior experience in constructing roofs for commercial premises. Unfortunately, it is usually not that easy to distinguish between the two especially if this is your first time and you do not know the things that you can use to tell them apart. This is because many of the residential roofing companies in Toronto also offer commercial roofing services and vice versa. If you find yourself at a similar crossroads and you are unable to tell whether or not the company that you want to hire will be able to offer you quality commercial roofing services then there are a few things that you might consider to help you make a better informed decision.


Start by looking at the kind of warrantees that they give. The best roofing companies in Toronto will usually be able to offer longer warrantees that cover you for a much longer period of time. Flat Roofs, for instance, which is one of the leading commercial roofing companies in the city, usually gives all its customers written warrantees of up to 20 years. If that still does not seem to cut it for you then you will be happy to know that they also offer extended warrantee plans to customers who want them at some very affordable fees. The extended warrantee plans include provisions for annual inspections by experts sent over by the company as well as regular maintenance by the company. In addition, the company provides full-time emergency roof repairs around the clock for all commercial roofing in and around the greater Toronto area.

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