EPDM Roofing Systems

Gentry Flat Roofs specializes in all types of residential and commercial roofing solutions including EPDM. With years of experience in residential, industrial and commercial roofing applications, our representatives are here to help you determine the right roofing that suits your specific needs. Our outstanding roofing services include roof installation, repair and other services. For any roofing service, just contact us to avail our exceptional roofing solutions.

What is EPDM Roofing?

EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a type of synthetic rubber. This rubber acts as the roofing membrane in EPDM roofing. As per the roofing specialists, EPDM roofs are among the most durable, sustainable and long-lasting roofing options available at present. These are a few main reasons why EPDM roofing in Oshawa and all around the Ontario is highly preferred by people these days.

Benefits of EPDM Roofing:

  • Easy Construction: This roofing system is outstandingly easy to install and can be easily finished without much issues. Just use the bonding coating and roll the EPDM roof material on the top for fine roofing.
  • Durability: EPDM is a stable material. It can hold up for 15-20 years easily if it is installed and maintained properly.
  • Affordability: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer roofs are a durable option and budget-friendly as well.
  • Energy Efficiency: Being a reflective material, EPDM roofs help you save money on electricity bills. The material can keep the building cool in summers and warm in winters. This quality leads to a reduction in the energy bills.
  • Weather Tolerant: Be it extremely hot, cool or stormy outdoors, EPDM roofs can tolerate the harsh weather conditions with great ease. This is another reason behind the popularity of EPDM roofing in Oshawa and all around the Ontario.

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We have a team of skilled, qualified and experienced roofing contractors. They can install the EPDM and other roofing systems onto your commercial or residential building. Whether it is roof installation services or flat roof repair in Toronto, Oshawa & all around the Ontario, feel free to contact our certified roofing experts at 647 952 9555 for assistance.

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