5 Tips to Prepare Your Commercial Flat Roof for Winter

As a commercial flat roof owner in Canada, you should always inspect and maintain your roof throughout the year, especially during winter.

During this time, it can lead to rough weather and potentially hazardous storms that could harm your flat roof.

Thankfully, with some preparations, you can help prevent severe damage and protect your roof during this time.

Here is our brief guide explaining our 5 tips to prepare your commercial flat roof for winter

  • Clean your commercial flat roof: Before the temperatures drop, check your roof for debris, such as leaves, branches, and anything that may have blown on the roof during the fall.Plus, clear gutters and drains to prevent the melting snow and ice from leaving the roof.
  • Scan your surroundings: Identify potential risk factors that could cause damage to your roof during the winter, such as tree branches near or above your roof.After all, tree limbs weighed down with snow can break onto your roof and possibly penetrate your roofing system. 
  • Make crucial repairs: It is ideal for fixing any problems your roof has before the snow comes in; fixing these problems will help ensure your roof stays watertight.Although you could wait until winter to repair your roof, it is unwise since it’s less safe, and if there are any cracks, snow and ice accumulation will make it worse.
  • Have a snow removal plan: As winter begins, snow will start to fall, and as the snow accumulates on your roof, it becomes heavier.This can lead to bigger problems, so it’s best to have a snow removal plan in advance. Doing this will ensure the structural integrity of your roof and even prevent significant damage before it occurs.
  • Schedule an Inspection: Our final and, frankly, the most crucial tip we recommend following is getting your roof inspected by a professional roofing contractor.Commercial flat roofers will know the proper areas that need to be inspected, tell you how to winterize your roof correctly, and tell you of any places where it may be weak so that they can fix it.

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